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What do the children do?

The environment for the 2 to 5 year olds is full of activities which:

  • improve their physical skills
  • refine their sensorial perceptions ( colour, shape, taste, smell, size, dimension etc.)
  • introduce them to numeracy
  • introduce them to letter shapes and sounds using the phonics approach developed by Montessori and used by all primary schools

Children outsideThe Montessori approach also develops the children's awareness of nature and the world around them. It enhances their knowledge of the earth, and about people of other continents and cultures. It helps them begin to understand the passage of time. It introduces them to basic scientific principles, like sinking and floating, through simple experiments, and gives many opportunities for free creative expression through art, music, movement and drama.

From the moment they enter their classroom, Seedlings children are free to choose from a wide range of specially designed learning activities. Some may build towers or work with colours or shapes, some may choose to practise letters or counting, some may prefer to cut, glue or paint, and others may want to pour water or sweep the floor. Whatever their choice of activity, their teachers are on hand to help and guide them as they explore the materials and develop valuable skills and understanding of concepts.

Seedlings children choose when they would like to have a snack, and enjoy both the preparations and eating with their friends.

A child restingGarden time is an opprtunity to run, climb, cycle, play with a ball or join in imaginative games with friends. The Seedlings children look after their garden by watering plants, picking fruit or planting seeds and bulbs.

At whole group time the children sit down together and sing, play instruments, dance, listen to stories, share news, or talk about the class topic.

Everyone eats lunch together and this is an opportunity for the children to develop their social skills by sitting at the table as part of a group.

In the afternoon the Seedlings children are again free to choose their work alone, with friends or with a teacher. There may be cooking, science experiments or a big group art project to get involved in, and the class pets always need looking after. After more time in the garden and another whole group session it's time to relax with a book, puzzle or some quiet activities before everyone goes home.