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Saying hello!
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Saying hello!

Saying hello

 September is exciting because we get to say hello once again to our older children. After having a great time over the summer they’re usually very happy to fall back into their regular nursery routine. 

We also say hello to new, usually younger children who are starting with us for the first time. What a big step... for everyone! We have structured settling-in sessions, so the children can feel comfortable in their new environment and for Mums and Dads to know that it’s going to be OK to leave them with us. 

The first days and weeks of September are spent making sure the returning children remember how the nursery works and what our expectations of them are, so that they can be good role-models for the new children. We’re interested in hearing all about what they did over the summer.

With the new children it’s all about them getting to know us, and us getting to know them, and their families too. So, saying hello that first time is much more than just the greeting – it’s the start of a new, enriching relationship for all concerned.

Here’s a little ‘Hello Song’ we sing together most days, which you can practise at home. 

He-llo-o, he-llo-o

Ja-mie, Ja-mie!

He-llo-o, he-llo-o,

Ja-mie how are you?

And here’s another one, sung to the tune of ‘Toby Thumb’.

Jamie Last-name, Jamie Last-name

Where are you?

There you are, there you are,

How do you do?