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Maria Montessori ( 1870-1952) developed her unique way of working with children almost 100 years ago, and Montessori schools are now found all over the world, working with children from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Maria Montessori was Italy's first woman medical practitioner, but she became progressively more interested in education, and it is for her work in this field that she is famous. She devised special materials for children to learn from, which are still used in all Montessori schools today.

The Montessori approach to education is based on the idea that children actively enjoy learning and absorb information from everything around them. Because each child learns different things in different ways and at different times, the adults' responsibility is to prepare and organise a highly interesting learning environment that best supports each child's learning. Direct observation of what the children are doing and careful record keeping are the key to our teachers' understanding of the children, and enable each child's learning needs to be met individually.