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Congratulations to Danielle on the birth of her baby boy.

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Congratulations to Danielle on the birth of her baby boy.

Welcoming ten new children to Seedlings has meant  a very busy start to the spring term as we focus on helping the children to settle in to the routine of the nursery, and to get to know their friends. This can be a very challenging time for both parents and children as it is often the first time the children have to function independently and in what is a very big and strange environment for someone who may not even yet be three. Thanks to the hard work and care of the staff team the children have all settled in really quickly, and are socialising and making friends. Leaving their child in the nursery and going off without them for the first time can be an even bigger wrench for parents. Our staff understand your need for feedback and reassurance that everything is going OK, and if you have any concerns at all about any aspect of your child's time at Seedlings please don't hesitate to speak to Kim immediately. 

Our current theme is Ourselves, which ties in well with getting to know everyone in our Seedlings community. Right now we're focusing on emotions, and identifying what we mean when we say we feel happy, or sad, or angry or scared.

With spring (hopefully) not far off, and the days getting longer and warmer, we're teaching the children a poem called 'A Circle of Sun' by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. Learning poems introduces children to rich imagery and the musicality of the rhythm of language, really important foundations for a good level of literacy later on, so why not help your child to learn this great poem.

A Circle of Sun

I'm dancing, I'm leaping, I'm skipping about. 

I gallop, I grin, I giggle, I shout.

I'm Earth's many colours, I'm morning and night.

I'm honey on toast, I'm funny, I'm bright.

I'm swinging, I'm signing, I wiggle, I run.

I'm a piece of the sky in a circle of sun.